Weight Loss

Is a breakthrough program that achieves permanent weight loss.

I’ll be honest, it took over 20 years and a lot of trial and error to create a program that is successful in today’s toxic environment.

My system is new and an approach I am proud of and honored to share it with you.

I invite you to watch the online Masterclass below:

Watch the Online Masterclass

Additional benefits included with The Thyroid Upgrade Method include testing, coaching, emails and access to my proprietary website.

The Thyroid Upgrade 12 week Membership

  • One on One coaching and testing with Dr. Jack Kunkel
  • Six half-hour sessions
  • Weekly emails with direct questions answered by Dr. Jack Kunkel
  • Bi-weekly emails and how-to videos for Hypothyroidism
  • Website access for all nutrition plans, videos, exercise guides, recipe manual,
  • Mind power tools
  • Two Urine tests to detect the presence of cellular inflammation