Jack Kunkel Challenges

2019 Transformation Challenge

Be. YOU. Better


This is a 6-week systematic approach for YOU to crack the code to re-align your well-being and focus on making formidable changes to achieve permanent fat loss, a less stressful life, increased happiness, greater mental clarity and much more!

Through our dynamic online technology, you will have exclusive access to flexible nutrition plans, how-to videos, exercise guides, a recipe manual, handouts, mind power tools, and more - all from the comfort of your own home! This program is designed to help you reclaim balance within your life and give you the tools for lifelong health and wellness.

Joining the Transformation Challenge will help keep you motivated and get the shocking results that YOU deserve!! The Transformation Challenge is a step-by-step process empowering YOU, with proven tools for total body transformation! With an upgraded website and new features, we compressed only the best of the research for making YOUR goals YOUR new reality! NO NEED for expensive health clubs, simply log in and evolve, transforming your life does not have to be complex!

Created by Jack Kunkel, MS (Clinical Nutrition), author of It's Fat Loss Not Weight Loss and former professional drug-free bodybuilder. He has built this challenge based on his 20 years of experience with getting people in the best shape of their life! Jack and his team have compressed the best of the research with all of the time-tested tools, the best in the market!

  • Why Wait Start Now gray4 Why Wait? Start Now
    Today is a chance to take control, why wait?
  • Team Up gray4 Team Up
    Instead of flying solo, find others to join you in your journey. There is strength in numbers!
  • Evolve New Habits01 gray2 Evaluate Mind & Body
    Mark your beginnings and so you don't forget where you came from and progressed to!
  • Stay Motivated gray4 Stay Motivated
    Use your private leaderboard, daily motivational videos and gain badges to stay driven.
  • Reflect and Progress gray4 Reflect & Progress
    Take a minute to reflect on your results. Your progress should motivate you to continue these healthy habits.
  • The Best YOU Ever Challenge gray Evolve New Habits
    Using the knowledge you gained along the way, enforce these habits and watch your entire lifestyle change.

Every journey begins with a single step! You sure don’t want to miss this golden chance.

Throughout your challenge, you are going to be asked to check-in and complete a goal. As you complete goals, you will receive badges “Motivated” “Revitalized” “Determined” “Fit & Fabulous” and “Evolved.” You also will be competing for the championship cup! Both a male and female winner will be chosen. You are only as strong as your weakest link - so this challenge uses your hard work with proper education that will help to evolve you forever! It might not be easy, but every journey begins with a single step!

Download your how to get started guide below


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