Jack Kunkel Challenges

  • 2022 Transformation Challenge

    Ten Years Of Empowering Challengers


    Ready to Make a Change? 

    Imagine Living Your Best Life Without Weight-loss Resistance, Sleep and Anxiety Issues, Low Energy, Brain Fog, Chronic Pain and Decreased Athletic Performance. Your solution is the EPIC 2022 Transformation Challenge. By using proven research and finely-tuned practices, Dr. Kunkel and his team will lead you on your journey to health using a transformational approach that gets to the root of your dis-ease, rather than just treating the symptoms.

    For a limited time, you will receive two bonuses, "House Calls" and "Six Months Access To The Challenge Website", a value of over $400! 

    Why are you going to be successful? 

    That's easy, but first, the internet is full of training, information, videos, how-to's, etc., but it's devalued or biased knowledge. Second, most of the information is incomplete and can often leave you more confused and motivated to buy something else. Finally, there is a lack of "Vitamin I." What is Vitamin I? Implementation! Here is the solution: House Calls 

    House Calls 

    Weekly, you will fill out a journal and email it to me, Dr. Jack Kunkel. Then, within three days, I will send a personal voice message. This house call will keep you on track and will provide you with a customized program over the entire six-week challenge!