Jack Kunkel Health & Nutrition Plan

A Guide to Healthy Eating & Clinical Nutrition

Receive a clinical weight loss program tailored to your own specific lifestyle. I believe that individualization is the key to maintaining weight loss for life.

Each person is different in every way, which is why I customize a program that matches your goals, nutritional needs and your lifestyle as a whole.

Not only does this program offer individualized attention specific to your body, I am also here to be your mentor and coach for each step of your fitness journey. Since this program will be tailored specifically to you, this program will be something that you can adjust and follow for years to come

You will begin your journey by discussing your current health with me where I will create a nutrition plan that is specific to your needs, goals and lifestyle. Once the program begins, I will monitor your progress and provide support as you move forward. Proper nutrition pairs with proper physical health. I will also teach you the fitness aspect of wellness as I create a weight loss plan that is again, customized for you.

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