“What are you capable of doing each day? Do that, but do it better every time, and soon you will achieve your dreams!”

For more than 15 years, Dr. Jack Kunkel has been a Health Revolutionary.  He has helped thousands of individuals take control of their health, through his Revolutionary exercise and nutrition plans. With his recent completion of his doctorate program, Dr. Kunkel is excited to be able to take his passion for helping people achieve optimal health to the next level. Through his REVOLUTIONARY CELLULAR DETOX PROGRAM, he is now able to test and treat patients for inflammation within the cell structure, which allows permanent reduction of chronic and debilitating issues like weight-loss resistance, sleep and anxiety issues, low energy, brain fog, and chronic pain. Using his in-depth knowledge of how to achieve TRUE health at the CELLULAR LEVEL, Dr. Jack Kunkel is now offering custom treatment programs at his new Natural Medicine practice that will help you get right to the source of your health issues.