Jack Kunkel Health & Nutrition Plan

Dr. Kunkel's Natural Medicine

You need your health back. Naturally.

"Our bodies come complete with the ability to heal. I'm excited to help you release your own innate healing power!"  - Dr. Jack Kunkel, Ph.D. Natural Medicine, AMP

A Masterful, Research-based and Customized Approach to Achieving Your Health and Wellness Through:

  • Reduction of Inflammation Through Cellular Repair Detox
  • Mind-based Medicine for Emotional Healing
  • A Blend of Highly Effective Eastern and Western Medicinal Techniques
  • Clinical Nutrition & Exercise Programs

Imagine Living Your Best Life Without:

Weight-loss Resistance, Sleep and Anxiety Issues, Low Energy, Brain Fog, Chronic Pain and Decreased Athletic Performance.

Current Special: Become a new patient and receive $300 worth of testing for free!

All programs begin with a 1.5-hour consultation. During this time patients will have their baseline vitals checked along with several tests administered by Dr. Kunkel, followed by an in-depth interview to assess each patient's current health needs. You will receive a customized introduction packet, and to help you along your way access to Dr.Kunkel's private site for one year.  $177 

The second consultation is 1 hour. You will be provided with a customized lifestyle and nutrition plan. $97

Ongoing consultations are 30 minutes, designed to make adjustments to plans as necessary. $57

Additional testing and supplements are available for an additional cost based on individual needs. 

Don't spend another day living with your chronic health issues.  

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Want more? Learn about going directly to the source of inflammation, at the cell!