The Cornerstone of Any Diet


Dieting can be overwhelming with endless options claiming their research provides health and weight loss. With our nation’s health issues on an all-time high, making better food choices begins by including vegetables. Let's be real, plant-based nutrition, especially green vegetables, are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet they are nutritional cornerstone of any diet.


Vegetables are packed with dietary fibers are critical to metabolic activity and increase gastrointestinal health, which boosts your metabolism and controls hunger. Dietary fibers pass through the gastrointestinal tract to assist in the removal of waste by attaching to toxins and excreting them out of the body.


I consume more vegetables daily by having salads, baking or grilling, eating them raw with or without hummus, and making smoothies.

Replace your starches by doubling the number of vegetables. Add extra veggies to your salad, soup, pasta, sandwich, pizza, an omelet. Dip your vegetables in healthy sauces like red pepper hummus, Greek yogurt-based ranch, and avocado dip.

Finally, I highly recommend that you, "Eat the rainbow," when it comes to veggies because multiple colors are going to represent different phytonutrients that your body needs. These phytonutrients are natural chemicals that can help prevent disease and keep your body functioning at the highest level possible.

Vegetables are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet they are the nutritional cornerstone of any diet! The KEY to any plan is customization, contact me any time and see how you can make your goals your new reality. 


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