Simply, the best thing I could have done for myself

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For the past four years, like many other working moms, I have watched my scale move up and down five pounds. While my frustration was building, my weight remained the same. All the while, I really wanted to lose weight but my hectic schedule was not permitting me to eat right or get to the gym. When I heard about Jack's program, I was really ready to commit to making some changes. Immediately, I signed up for nutrition and training sessions.

We set my original weight loss goal for 15 pounds. I wanted to be in shape for a family vacation that was three months away. Here we are three months later, now I am ready for vacation! Not only am I 20 pounds lighter, I have more energy, less body fat, and a lot more muscle.

Jack guided me the entire time. He was encouraging, educated me about nutrition, and taught me to work out smarter not harder.

Simply, the best thing I could have done for myself

Joanne Fanelli Babiarz - New York Mills - NY

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