Knowledge and support speaks volumes to my on-going success

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For the longest time I refused to step on a scale because as everyone would tell me, " it's just a number" or " muscle does weigh more than fat ", well blah, blah, blah to them. Training hard to be in shape has been a major staple in my life for the past 20 plus years, however I always struggled with losing weight. I also thought I ate relatively healthy and balanced but seemed to compensate my exercise with eating. It has been a life- long dream of mine to lean down and actually see my hard work. Fortunately for me a close and supportive friend inspired me with her amazing results and referred me to Jack Kunkel so I too can experience a life- changing goal.

Portion control and nutritionally balanced food were and still are the key to my recent and on- going success. It is definitely a huge commitment but it truly becomes a way of life. I will continue this experience with Jack as he reviews my food journals, reinforces my nutritional knowledge and reminds me that it's good to train but not to over-train. His knowledge and support speaks volumes to my on-going success. Oh and by the way, I do step on the scale now!

Denise Hajdasz - New Hartford NY

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