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Jack the Genius!

After struggling with my weight for 52 years (I’m now 58), and looking for a successful weight loss program, I was finally told about Jack. I came to him 4 weeks ago with low energy, heart burn, trouble sleeping and CONSTANT hunger. I thought that my eating habits were healthy until I sat down with Jack and realized that consuming organic foods is only a small piece to a large puzzle!

I have tried almost every diet out there on the market. I even took it to the point where I had a doctor prescribe me a “diet” to see some results. What I was given was a list of supplements which cost me $300 a month. I went through with it but I can tell you that it was definitely brutal. After 1 year I was able to lose 30 pounds, but I wasn’t able to deal with the EXTREMELY high amount of chemicals that these “supplements” were putting into my body. Even though the weight came off I was still always tired and hungry. Unable to keep up the “diet” both physically and financially, I stopped. I gained back all of the weight and then some in a matter of 2 months. This is when I decided I needed REAL help.

Since working with Jack, all of my troubles have subsided. I no longer take an over the counter sleep medicine, I have energy throughout the entire day, my heart burn is gone and most importantly I am NOT HUNGRY! I am always so satisfied I don’t EVEN think about snacking in between meals. This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle and I love everything about it. All of the foods are delicious, filling and provide my body with the nutrients it needs. Now that I was given an education about how to eat both delicious and healthy foods, I will NEVER go back!

While I was following the program, my mother was interested in trying to also eat healthier. As a type II diabetic, she has struggled with food her entire life. After 4 weeks of mirroring my healthy lifestyle, my mother is COMPLETELY OFF her diabetes medication!

Believe it, a program that actually works!

Thank you Jack Kunkel for changing my life!

Debby Makowski

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