It's Knowledge Not Fad Diet's

before and after Rebecca Standford


Shortly after the 3rd annual CNY's Biggest Transformation Challenge concluded, a participate posted this on the business facebook page.

Rebecca Stanford to Jack Kunkel's Revolutionary Wellness

April 8 at 8:42pm

Picture # 1 was shortly after New Years 2016. My belly fat was getting out of control, I was happy to be hiding in hoodies. I started missing functions simply because nothing fit and I would break down in tears if I had to buy bigger sizes...

So I started the CNY Fat Loss Challenge...

I couldn't finish the workouts, I cheated and had a burger and beers every Thursday night, but I started fresh the next day and tried my best to follow the fitness and meal plan. I knew I was getting smaller, but when I saw my side by side I was in tears - I did it !!!!

Now I'm wearing those jeans, the ones we never get rid of because we hope that one day they will fit again !! All of my stomach/digestive issues - GONE ! My life has changed, I feel amazing and cant wait to compare this photo to an updated one in a few more months!

Thank you Jack for giving me the knowledge I needed and the push to get back on a healthy track !!

Jacks Book is a MUST for anyone who wants REAL permanent results !!

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