I am 5’3” and my weight went from 155 to 140 within 4-5 weeks!

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I came across one of the Jack’s pamphlets and called Jack which I am very glad I did. I am 45 years old and have suffered with chronic back pain for 20 years. I am 5’3” and my weight went from 155 to 140 within 4-5 weeks! We decided to take a two prong approach to my weight problem and Jack’s knowledge in nutrition and exercise are exemplary. Jack explains exercise techniques thoroughly and has good patience. In the past I have always been a stress eater and yo-yo dieter. Not anymore! Jack shows you there is a different option, a very healthy one and it works! It changes your mindset from wondering what you ate throughout a day instead you will actually plan and know what to eat. Jack is a very down to earth person and with his expertise in nutrition and exercise I feelthere is no room for failure. I have no doubt Jack will get me to a weight I never thought possible and I am looking forward to continued success on this journey.In just the short amount of time Jack has worked with me he has shown me exercises for my back and I haven’t felt this great in many years.

Sally Myers -Holland Patent

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