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Please join me for my Key Note "Total Wellness, Why it Matters To You."

As health care providers, we all want the best for our patients.  We spend years learning and perfecting our crafts, and if we fail, we tend to take it personally.  What if your treatment is perfect, but you do not see the expected outcome?

The presentation will give an overview of wellness and how Jack succeeds in the healthcare industry using his "Wellness Wheel."  There are four main aspects when it comes to wellness: nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and mindset. In general terms, nutrition represents quality foods, portion control, and meal timing. Lifestyle includes sleep hygiene, stress management, and social interactions. Exercise includes your physical activities, amount of daily movement, and physical hobbies. Mindset includes your thought patterns, willpower, and attitude. . If you are eating properly but stressed every day, your results can actually be negated. If you are exercising six days a week, but eating junk food all day and night, you won’t see the results you are expecting. Furthermore, if you are sitting all day and never getting up to move, your body is not going to respond very well.

In this talk, participants will understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to healing, one that empowers the patient to begin to heal themselves.

What is Wellness

What is food?

What is food quality?


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